I’m a sometime game programmer. I do photography in a professional capacity over at http://www.photofin.co.uk but my passion is games. I design board games, card games, logic puzzles and for years have designed computer games on paper without ever daring to try making them into actual, interactive things on an actual computer.

I think it’s because playing games always made me feel clever, but sitting down at my BBC Model B to learn BASIC made me feel incredibly stupid, so I shrank away from the world of programming, believing it would sap my enjoyment of games forever.

Recently I’ve decided that was a load of rubbish. Doing photography professionally has not destroyed my love of taking photos, so why should programming destroy my love of games?

I’m not entirely sure if the world needs Yet Another Indie Developer (or whatever pigeonhole I’m putting myself in) but I’ve let the world worry me into not doing stuff for too long. So in the words of Slartibartfast I just thought, “hang the sense of it” and did it anyway.

I love games. I love the way that you can abstract things that people do every day into challenges with, in the grand scheme of things, arbitrary outcomes. I’ve found that in an infinite universe, all we can really hope for is positive outcomes in arbitrary spheres.

Everything is relative anyway.


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