Introduce Yourself


Yes I have an IKEA stool on my head.

This was the first photo of me I had to hand.

My name is Finlay Costello. I make stuff. At the moment I’m trying to make a computer game.

My version of being a programmer consists of having a thousand browser tabs open with snippets of code in them that worked for other people in other slightly similar circumstances who all appear to have more of a clue than I do about how to achieve what I’m trying to create.

If you like reading about someone attempting to program whilst simultaneously having a full time job, a full time family, a photography business on the side, and a habit of fixing computers for everyone they know when their Windows registry breaks (happens a lot), and you remember the start of this sentence, then this is the blog for you!

I’m going to attempt to use this place as a development log when interesting stuff happens in my game-making journey. I reserve the right to also blog about my favourite games and try to understand what is so awesome about them (as it seems to me anyway – feel free to disagree, right?) Sometimes I may go completely off on a tangent. If you’re very lucky I might read you some of my poetry first.

So sit back, relax, then sit up straight and pay attention. I’m not sure about this either so let’s see how it goes, eh? :)



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